Scentific Institute of Tradate (VA) - IRCSS

Extension and redevelopment of the existing building.

Progettazione architettonica edilizia sanitaria - Agorà Soluzioni - ISTITUTO SCENTIFICO DI TRADATE (VA) - IRCSS - Tradate

The project involved the building renovation and expansion of the existing building as well as the adaptation to current regulations on healthcare construction, fire prevention, elimination of architectural barriers, safety, seismic adaptation and technological systems

  • The structure is used as a Scientific Institute of Hospitalization and Scientific Care, with 154 pl. accredited52 p.l. riabilitazione neuromotoria
  • 45 p.l. pneumological rehabilitation
  • 42 p.l. cardiological rehabilitation
  • 15 p.l. General medicine
  • The structure also features the following services:
  • Diagnostic for images
  • Outpatient clinic
  • Withdrawals point
  • M.A.C.

The project involved a functional reorganization of the departments and activities already present within the building, aimed at adapting the general and specific accreditation requirements.

As part of the performance, the seismic vulnerability analysis of the existing structure was also carried out, resulting in the design and execution of seismic consolidations.

The works were carried out with the activity in operation and did not lead to a reduction in performance, thanks to a meticulous study and planning of construction site activities, which made it possible to minimize the impact on operators and users of the service


2018 – in progress


14.900 mq

Construction system:

Reinforced concrete and metal structure


  • Feasibility studies
  • Integrated preliminary and executive design of construction, structures and building systems
  • Construction supervision
  • Authorization procedures (Fire Brigade, ASL, Superintendency, Municipalities)
  • Testing
  • Coordination of safety in the design and execution phase




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