Withdrawals Point Corso Lodi 78 - Milan

 Progettazione architettonica edilizia sanitaria - Agorà Soluzioni  - Punto prelievi corso Lodi 78 - Milano

The construction of this Synlab Withdrawal Point involved a real estate unit located in Milan Corso Lodi 78, developed on two floors, ground floor and basement, connected by multiple internal stairs.

The intervention area concerned only the ground floor where it was planned to place the health activity of withdrawal point.

The basement was not subject to intervention as it was used only for the location of technological systems.

On the ground floor, the project envisaged a redistribution of the internal spaces in order to equip the structure with four sampling rooms, a dirty deposit, a clean warehouse, a staff changing room complete with toilet facilities, a waiting area with 34 seats and a reception area with n. 4 workstations. The users’ toilet was already in existence and was only replaced by the sanitary ware.

The exterior was affected only by the placement of the illuminated signs and window stickers.

The intervention area was also affected by a refurbishment of the electrical, special and lighting systems, to adapt the equipment to the new internal distribution and to the needs required by the specific healthcare activity.

The air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems have also been refurbished.

The intervention also included the preparation of the furnishings.




200 mq

Construction system:



  • Feasibility studies 
  • Integrated preliminary and executive design of construction and building systems 
  • Authorization procedures at the various bodies
  • Coordination of safety
  • Direzione lavori
  • Construction supervision in the design and execution fase
  • Testing
  • Acquisition of accreditation




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