New offices Fondazione Educatt, via Necchi 9/11 – Milan

The intervention concerned the first floor of the building located in via L. Necchi, 9/11 for the construction of the new Educatt offices. The project provided for the reorganization of the distribution of spaces for office activities of the University, through a new organizational redistribution of existing environments. The intervention has foreseen interventions of construction and building systems engineering.

New Awair headquarters offices – Milan

The project saw the identification and realization of the new headquarters of the consultancy and training company Awair Italia.
The new offices occupy the ninth floor of a building in the Central Station area in Milan, for a total area of 370 square meters.

Cemetery – Forno Canavese (TO)

The choice at the base of the project proposal was to realize a uniform intervention consisting of three loculi blocks, which constitutes an independent microcosm surrounded by the multiplicity of the facades of the existing family chapels.

Hotel Mirage – Egypt

Feasibility project of a 120 suite luxury hotel located in El Alamein. The studio drew its inspiration from the shell which with its spiral shape contrasts the fixity of the architecture and its heaviness by interacting in an organic way with the surrounding environment.

Hotel El Alamein – Egypt

Feasibility project of a 100-suite luxury hotel towering majestically over El Alamein beach.
The project concept is inspired by the most elegant forms of contemporary Arab architecture.

Sports Hall – Carpi

The building, conceived with the laminated wood prefabrication technique, was designed as a multifunctional space intended to provide new opportunities for the competitive activity of the city but also useful for increasing the supply of spaces available to schools and associations for basic motor activity.
A multipurpose container, therefore, with an innovative tubular shape with steel cladding and a mixed glass and laminated wood part.

Other realizations of tertiary construction

Evaluation of the conservation status of Unicredit properties
Evaluation of the conservation status of Intesa-San Paolo properties
Census agencies BNL group-300.000 sqm
Implementation of the technical data of the Cattinara and Maggiore Hospital Districts of Trieste – 170,000 sqm
Census for Technical Registry – MIES2 – AULSS6 Euganea – 160,000 sqm
Census for Technical Registry – MIES2 – AAS2 Bassa Friulana – Isontina and AAS3 Alto Friuli – 330,000 sqm
Restoration of the church bell tower and redevelopment of the soccer field
Adjustment no. 6 Unicredit branches