Project sector

Agorà Soluzioni offers architectural, structural and building systems services with particular expertise in the health, tourism, hotel, residential, school and tertiary sectors.

The Agorà System includes the new frontiers of integrated BIM design, from construction management to the finished product, with an eye to the sustainability and quality of prefabricated wooden structures.

Architectural design and building systems
Prefabricated wooden design
BIM modeling

BIM design, ” Building Information Modeling ”, is the digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a building. Designing in BIM means creating a container of information on the building in which to insert graphic data – such as floor plans and drawings – or specific data on technical attributes also relating to the expected life cycle. Unlike classic 2D or 3D design, BIM modeling is not limited to including visual information and rendering, but specifies the functionality and performance of each BIM object present in the project or within the elaborate building.

The use of BIM is aimed at collaboration between designers, software interoperability, integration between processes and sustainability.

Structural design
Project monitoring e mangement
Interior Design
Urban and territorial planning
Design for legislation adgustment
Practices completion
Construction management
Energy saving design
Construction site safety
Project Financing