Silver Living Residence - Sondrio

Construction of a new Silver Living nursing home and protected apartments

Agorà Soluzioni - Realizzazioni - Residenza Silver Living – Sondrio

Silver Living Residence in Sondrio stands as the cornerstone of a new concept of assisted healthcare residence of the mixed R.S.A and protected accommodation type. Located in the central area of ​​the city of Sondrio, along one of the main routes, it acts as a service hub dedicated to guests and the city.

The building facing the street houses the RSA, with 60 beds and dedicated collective spaces. The two rear towers and the top floor of the cue instead house 67 protected accommodations, divided between one and two-room apartments. The balconies of the apartments together with the large windows, offers an extra room from which to enjoy the widest view of the Valtellina mountains. Finally, the roof of the cue houses a roof garden open to the guests of the structure as a further space for aggregation and socialization.

The entire complex, including the 5-storey towers, was built according to green building criteria, using prefabricated wooden modules that guarantee high energy efficiency together with anti-seismic characteristics.




10.500 mq

Construction system:

prefabricated in wood


  • Feasibility studies
  • Integrated preliminary and executive design of constructions, structures and building systems
  • Authorization procedures (Fire Brigade, ASL, Superintendency, Municipalities)
  • Obtaining permission to build




Wolf Haus, Quadrio Costruzioni s.p.a., Carimi srl, ModulPanel