New Assisted Healthcare Residence - Lissone

Feasibility study for a nursing home of 80 beds and Protected Accommodations to be built in the Municipality of Lissone

Progettazione architettonica edilizia sanitaria - Agorà Soluzioni - Nuova residenza sanitaria assistita – Lissone (MB)

The feasibility study proposes the construction of a multifunctional social welfare structure, which includes a portion intended for nursing homes and a portion intended for sheltered housing for the elderly.

The lot affected by the feasibility study is located in the municipality of Lissone near the San Gerardo Hospital in Monza.

The structure has an “H” planimetric shape to better adapt to the elongated conformation of the lot, allowing to leave ample green spaces and parking.

The project planned to concentrate:

  • on the ground floor all the collective services of the RSA, some of which can also be used by the inhabitants of the protected accommodation, such as the restaurant and the gym.
  • on the 1st and 2nd floors the protected accommodation, organized in two-room and one-room apartments and collective rooms.
  • On the 3rd and 4th floors, the hospital units of the RSA with n. 2 nuclei for each floor, made up of. 20 p.l. for each nucleus, for a total of 80 beds.
  • In the basement the service rooms, the mortuary service, the warehouses and the technological rooms.

Outside there is a large parking area with satin sup. = 1,800 sqm. and a driveway that leads to the ambulance entrance and mortuary service located in the basement.

An additional area north of the lot has been planned in green equipped with paths and furniture.




10.000 mq

Construction system:

Wooden prefabrication


  • Feasibility study  
  • Integrated preliminary design of construction and building systems