Nursing Home Villa delle Terme Presidium of Falciani

Extension of the structure for the construction of new 130 beds and adaptation of the existing structure

Progettazione architettonica edilizia sanitaria - Agorà Soluzioni - Casa di cura villa delle terme Presidio di Falciani

The original facility of the Nursing Home was founded in 1952 as a spa, then converted to a hospital in 1967.
It is located within a large hilly wooded area and includes other minor buildings for thermal use no longer in use.

The project goal was to maintain the pre-existing destination as a Nursing Home, increasing the accommodation capacity from 150 beds. To n. 270 p.l. total hospitalization and to expand the outpatient service by allocating more area to rehabilitation activities.

It was therefore planned to renovate some areas of the original structure with a total of 5 floors, 3 of which above ground. And an expansion intervention, through the construction of a new building.

The restructuring involved large areas on the various floors with a complete reorganization of the entrances, the administrative area, gyms, clinics and part of the wards.

The expansion, on the other hand, involved the construction of a new building with three floors above ground and a completely underground floor, on the area previously occupied by the swimming pool structure, which has been demolished. The new building, dedicated to hosting the wards and related services, was built in adherence to the existing building and connected to it on all floors.

The expansion was built with mixed-type structures, i.e. with traditional reinforced concrete load-bearing structures for the basement and ground floors, while the 1st and 2nd floors were built with prefabricated wooden structures.

The intervention also included the arrangement of the external areas adjacent to the new building and the construction of new parking areas, in order to ensure easy access to the structure and in any case meet the facilities required by the municipal planning instruments. However, the external arrangement intervention remained limited to the pre-existing flat area, without interfering in any way with the wooded area.


2014/2015 extention of the existing building
2015-2016 adaptation of existing building


6.750 mq

Construction system:

prefabricated in wood


  • Feasibility studies
  • Integrated preliminary and executive design of construction, structures and building systems
  • Authorization procedures (Fire Brigade, ASL, Superintendency, Municipalities)
  • Obtaining building permit
  • Construction supervision
  • coordination of safety in the design and execution phase
  • Testing
  • obtaining medical authorization and accreditation




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