S. Giuseppe Nursing Home – Roma

Complete renovation and adaptation intervention

Progettazione architettonica edilizia sanitaria - Agorà Soluzioni - Casa di cura S. Giuseppe– Roma

The project provided for the adaptation of the structure following the reconversion agreement of the business signed on 07 August 2009 between the Lazio Region and the Segesta Latina S.p.A.

In addition to the adaptation to current regulations on health construction provided for by DGR 424/06, the structure has been adapted to the current regulations on the elimination of architectural barriers, fire prevention, safety, seismic adaptation, adaptation of technological building systems.

The restructuring project envisaged the construction of a social and health care facility (RSA), aimed at serving hospitality, health services, functional recovery and social integration assistance as well as preventing the aggravation of functional damage for chronic diseases against people who are not self-sufficient, who cannot be assisted at home and who do not need to be admitted to hospital-type structures

The accommodation capacity of the new structure is 100 beds. articulated as follows:

  • 1 core of 20 beds on the mezzanine floor (Alzheimer core).
  • 2 cores of 20 beds on the first floor;
  • 2 cores of 20 beds on the first floor;2 cores da 20 p.l. al piano secondo.

In the basement, in addition to the area intended to accommodate the assessment and therapy service consisting of clinics and a gym, there are the general services of the building such as changing rooms for staff, warehouses and some technical rooms.

The main entrance of the structure was also redesigned, through the construction of a counter for check-in / booking services and a new waiting area.

On the third floor, in addition to the construction of the new place for worship and administrative offices, the existing terrace was renovated and set up for use by users and visitors.




5.200 mq

Construction system:

Reinforced concrete


  • Feasibility studies
  • Integrated preliminary and executive design of constructions, structures and systems
  • Authorization procedures (Fire Brigade, ASL, Superintendency, Municipalities)
  • Construction supervision
  • Coordination of safety in the design and execution phase
  • Testing
  • Acquisition of accreditation




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