Studies on the modularity, flexibility and prefabrication of healthcare and socio-sanitary structures

Progettazione architettonica edilizia sanitaria - Agorà Soluzioni - Studi sulla modularità, flessibilità e prefabbricazione delle strutture sanitarie e socio-sanitarie

The study on modularity stems from the desire to have project standards available already in the preliminary phase that can facilitate the development of the project itself and the certain assessment of costs and time implementation.

These reflections led us to investigate in addition to the theme of modularity and dry prefabricated construction flexibility to be used, in particular, in the design of health and social welfare structures, using the dry prefabrication system.

A “basic module” was therefore developed consisting of two hospital rooms and toilets, of such size and conformation that it can be easily transformed without making substantial changes or displacements, in rooms with other destinations such as accommodation housing or even in a room intended for collective functions.

Evaluations on the transportability of the prefabricated wooden elements from the factory to the construction site and their sizing in relation to the static behavior were also part of the study.

From the study of the basic module and its different configurations, we have come to develop design standards for all the environments required by the regulations in force for the construction of entire social welfare structures, such as RSA or sheltered housing for the elderly, defining standard types of settlement.



Construction system:

Wooden prefabrication


  • Feasibility study 
  • Integrated preliminary and executive design of construction and building systems