Wisdom Living – Milan

Wisdom Living is an urban project that invests the quadrant of Milan north of Loreto, on the right side of the elevated railway of the Central Station, which includes the areas of Pasteur, Rovereto and Turro, renamed in recent years as “Nolo”.

Studies on the modularity, flexibility and prefabrication of healthcare and socio-sanitary structures

The study on modularity stems from the desire to have project standards available already in the preliminary phase that can facilitate the development of the project itself and the certain assessment of costs and time implementation.
These reflections led us to investigate in addition to the theme of modularity and dry prefabricated construction
flexibility to be used, in particular, in the design of health and social welfare structures, using the dry prefabrication system.

Hotel Mirage – Egypt

Feasibility project of a 120 suite luxury hotel located in El Alamein. The studio drew its inspiration from the shell which with its spiral shape contrasts the fixity of the architecture and its heaviness by interacting in an organic way with the surrounding environment.

Hotel El Alamein – Egypt

Feasibility project of a 100-suite luxury hotel towering majestically over El Alamein beach.
The project concept is inspired by the most elegant forms of contemporary Arab architecture.

Nursing Home of 270 PL – Campi Bisenzio (FI)

The study was aimed at the construction of a new structure intended to accommodate more functions, both health and social-health, carried out in collaboration with the Florence Health Authority, which
is upstream of the care pathway with its hospitals and that, in the course of the care path,
they will transfer patients to the inpatient areas of the new facility.

New Assisted Healthcare Residence – Lissone

The feasibility study proposes the construction of a multifunctional social welfare structure, which includes a portion intended for nursing homes and a portion intended for sheltered housing for the elderly.
The lot affected by the feasibility study is located in the municipality of Lissone near the San Gerardo Hospital in Monza.
The structure has an “H” planimetric shape to better adapt to the elongated conformation of the lot, allowing to leave ample green spaces and parking.

Piacenza University’s Campus Bar

The building object of the project is part of the Campus of the Sacro Cuore Catholic University – Campus of Piacenza, at the entrance side via Emilia. It is a modest building, with the campus bar on the ground floor and first floor offices.

Villas in Beijing

The project stems from the desire of wealthy local entrepreneurs to revive the image of a residential village consisting of 197 villas built for the Korean market.
Both the interiors and the exteriors have been revised in terms of aesthetics and functionality in order to restore a new and modern image of the entire village.

Sports Hall – Carpi

The building, conceived with the laminated wood prefabrication technique, was designed as a multifunctional space intended to provide new opportunities for the competitive activity of the city but also useful for increasing the supply of spaces available to schools and associations for basic motor activity.
A multipurpose container, therefore, with an innovative tubular shape with steel cladding and a mixed glass and laminated wood part.